Star Spotlight

We appreciate the many people who give their time to assist Thea’s Star of Hope in reaching our goal of helping kids with brain tumors. We know that without these generous volunteers, we simply could not accomplish all of the work that we do. Whether you gave an hour of your time to set up our 5k, provided help with grant-writing, or you helped clean up after our Tricky Tray, we want you to know that we see your efforts and we applaud you for them.

To thank our volunteers and to highlight some of the great work they are doing, we have created a new feature called the Star Spotlight. Each Star Spotlight will give you a chance to meet one (or two) of our fantastic volunteers and get to know a little about why they chose to give their time to our organization.

This Star Spotlight features Lynn and Gabe Azarchi. Lynn is an Assistant Director at the State of NJ Office of Management & Budget.  Gabe is Senior Account Executive at PCM Inc. They have a daughter, Madison. The Azarchis first became aware of TSOH through their friendship with Thea’s family, the Danzes. Like many people, they didn’t know much about brain tumors before meeting the Danze family. After finding out about the lack of funding for research for pediatric treatments, and the lack of motivation for the large pharmaceutical companies to invest their research dollars toward pediatric brain tumors, they knew that they wanted to do something to help.

“Trisha and Jeff are amazing people, and Thea and Lilly are so easy to love! There was never a question we wanted to help this family, and help the thousands of other families in their situation. It feels good for us to volunteer our time to such a worthy cause,” said Lynn.

Lynn and Gabe both helped to sell tickets at the Tricky Tray event in October, and they both helped set up and run the 5K this past April. They have also been an amazing asset in helping us make connections with local businesses in the Robbinsville/Hamilton area. However, the couple said that their time favorite part about volunteering has been seeing the joy, happiness, and excitement in Thea’s eyes at every event.

The Azarchis encourage everyone to volunteer at some level, and they are passionate about Thea’s Star of Hope. “Volunteering for a local charity, aimed at helping kids with brain tumors, is so rewarding. Thea’s Star of Hope is made up of 100% volunteers and is focused on the research and treatment for kids that won’t be funded any other way than through organizations like this one,” said Lynn.

Thea’s Star of Hope would like to thank the Azarchi Family for all they have done and continue to do to support our cause.