How your money helps

TSOH keeps administrative costs to the bare minimum, pays no salaries and operates on a tiny marketing budget. Our low-cost events leverage donations and discounts so the majority of your dollars go to research and family support programs.

Research Projects Your Dollars Support

2017 Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium    $50K (Target)
2017 Pediatric Low Grade Glioma Precision Medicine Approach (Genomic Analysis)     $30K (Commitment)
2016 Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium  $40K
2015 New genetic component (fused gene) drives development and growth of low-grade gliomas.   $10K
2011-2014 Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium  $20K


Family Support Your Dollars Provided

2017 PBTF Star Portfolio 2.0 $10K (Commitment)
2016 CBTF Kayaking trip for adolescent and adult survivors and Philadelphia-area survivor dinner $10K
2015 Co-sponsored the Star Portfolio (resource for newly diagnosed families) with the PBTF $10K
2013-2014 Toy Collection for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Neuro Oncology Department N/A

Why Research?
Researching less harmful treatments aligns with our mission to bring hope to families, and we are proud of how our small organization (recognized in this article by Cure)  has used your dollars to make a difference. In 2017, we plan to support two research initiatives, including our first clinical trial (learn more).

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Why Family Support?
Each year, we earmark $10,000 to partner with other respected brain tumor organizations to deliver programs that help families. Through the years, support from Jenna’s Rainbow, Friends of Jaclyn, CBTF, PBTF, Make-a-Wish NJ and others have helped Thea’s family keep going. We know how important it is for families to LIVE and not just SURVIVE.