Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

You can help us “Go Gold” feel free to change your social media cover photo, profile pic or post and share via social media (#TSOHGiveHope) If you own a business or have someplace to display a graphic, you can print these out, as well! Or, come up with your own idea to Give Hope, Find Cures and GO Gold!

We probably all know someone, some family, that has had to face this devastating diagnosis and even more horrendous treatments. Yet funding for research is at an all time low. The statistics are heart wrenching. All of childhood cancer only receives 4% of NIH funding but it is the leading cause of death by disease for children under 15 and one in every 285 kids will be diagnosed with cancer before they are 20.

Of course, it is one thing to read these statistics, and quite another to look into the eyes of these children, and their families. There is desperation for better treatments. There is fear. And there is hope. As I know you are aware, we are trying to provide some of that hope for these families, as well as our own. Thea faces challenges, every day, that are a direct result of the very treatments that are needed to save her life. It is a delicate balance, full of choices that no family should have to make. #TSOHGiveHope

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