Thea's Story

Thea's Star of Hope brings Hope to every family touched by pediatric brain tumors.

About Thea's Star of Hope

Hope was founded in 2012 by Thea's parents, Trisha and Jeff Danze,  with the mission of funding pediatric cancer research that will lead to improved treatments for children with brain tumors.

Meet Thea

Thea is now a  beautiful “tween” with a great sense of humor, charisma that can light up any room, and big dreams of working in space. Or at least,  giving tours at Kennedy Space Center.   She was diagnosed with an uncommonly large brain tumor at 4-months of age.

Thea faces challenges as a consequence of years of invasive surgeries and chemotherapy treatments.  Hemiparesis, low-vision, seizures, anorexia and cognitive disabilities are part of her life and could become more complex in time.

Lately, Thea’s quality of life has improved immensely, thanks to more targeted treatments. She misses much less school and family activities, and her parents worry less.

Why It Matters

Thousands of children live with brain tumors. Treatments allow many to live into adulthood, but most of these children experience long-lasting impact to their body, mind or spirit.

Despite medical advances to treat other forms of cancer, brain tumors are still an extremely serious condition for children, and the second-leading cause of cancer mortality in kids after leukemia. Overall, pediatric brain tumor patients have the most quality of life challenges compared to other cancer survivors.

Brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer deaths in children -- you can give them hope

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