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August 26, 2015

Say what?  What do all of those letters mean?  What the heck is a CBTTC? 

On August 15th, Thea's Star of Hope Board Members and Committee Chairs, took a trip down to visit Dr. Adam Resnick, Dr. Angela Waanders and Dr. Jay Storm, and the neuro-oncology research team at CHOP, to learn more about the CBTTC.  Sometimes you think that what you do is important, until you meet the people who really ARE curing cancer!  But, honestly, they couldn't have been more down to earth, and approachable.  Dr. Resnick and his lab team have an open door policy and really encourage visits, to see what they are doing and working on.  It is amazing! 

The Children's Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium (CBTTC) is an open access, collaborative, multi-institute research program dedicated to the study of childhood brain tumors.  The CBTTC is committed to improving outcomes for children with brain tumors by supporting research that will lead to new treatments and diagnostic tools.  They collect high quality brain tumor biospecimens from around the world with associated clinical and genomic data and provides them in an online open access environment for all researchers to utilize.  They are able to share, store and analyze data, build a large store of brain tumor specimens in a state-of-the art biorepository and provide resources to support individual research projects.  Working together is the key to overcoming these devastating cancers of childhood*. 

Brain tumors are the most common solid tumor and the largest cause of cancer-related deaths in children 0 to 14 in the United States**.  Two out of every three kids treated will live the rest of their lives with devastating side effects of that treatment.  Through collecting data of all types of childhood brain cancers, allows researchers to target specific mutations.  The CBTTC allows that information to be shared with hundreds of other scientists, doctors and researchers.  With so many minds working to solve the same problem, it becomes faster to find treatments can then be used that target only that tumor mutation, and leave healthy cells alone reducing side effects tremendously.

Currently, the members of the CBTTC includes the leading pediatric brain cancer clinicians, researchers and institutions at CHOP, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, Seattle Children's Hospital, Meyer Children's Hospital in Florence, Italy, and UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.

This type of forward thinking, innovation and collaboration is exactly why Thea's Star of Hope chose to donate $10,000 toward the CBTTC at CHOP.  It's a small drop in the bucket.  It will sequence the genetic composition of just one tumor.  But it's one more closer to finding a chink in the armor of these killers.  The research is happening.  We just need to get the funding where it needs to go. 

Pictured left to right: (front row) Dr. Angela Waanders, Thea Danze, Lilly Danze (Middle Row) Dr. Jay Storm, Trisha Danze, Stacy Reh, Kathy Burger, Kari Forwood, Marie Valentino (Back Row) Dr. Adam Resnick, Scott Coakley, Ed Taliaferro

Dr. Resnick showing us one of the genome sequencers

Dr. Resnick showing us around the biorepository, housed at CHOP.  (yep, that's a big freezer!)
*Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute
**Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States




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