Caron's Struggle

May 20, 2015

What is the hardest thing you've ever had to deal with, in your life?  Illness?  Death of a loved one?  Financial strain?  What if you had all of those things occur at the same time?  Who would you turn to?  Who would help?

When I became aware of Caron and his family's situation, I asked myself those questions.  Yes, we have dealt with Thea's diagnosis and all of the heartaches, stress and worries that come with it.  I know what Herlisha faces, on a daily basis.  Which makes their situation, even more upsetting.  Here they are, fighting for Caron's life, and they have no stable home.  They are, essentially, homeless.  Caron was diagnosed with a brain tumor 4 years ago.  In the process of caring for him and the financial burden that puts on a family, they were evicted from their home.  They have spent the last year moving from hotel to hotel. 

Yes, there are assistance programs available to them.  Caron is on SSI and medicaid.  But the expenses of caring for someone with cancer don't end at medical bills.  There is the gas and tolls, to and from appointments.  There is the expenses of meals, when you are in the hospital for months (yes, months) at a time.  And there are medical expenses that aren't covered 100% by insurance.  Many assistance programs require lengthy application processes and even research to find out who to apply to and how.  When you are in the midst of being a caregiver to a child with cancer, as well as other children, you don't have that kind of time to make those calls and do that research.

That is what we have been helping the Adams family with.  I have researched foundations that provide financial assistance and put them in touch.  But it takes time.  We were fortunate enough to have contact a reporter for the South Jersey Times who ran their story, today.  We are working hard to help them get a permanent residence and working car.  If you can help, please make a donation through Thea's Star of Hope (100% of your donation will go to the family but please specify For Caron,) or Caron's GoFundMe page.  If you know someone that can help, please forward their story on. We can help them ease one part of their struggle. Article

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