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February 09, 2016

Amazing things are happening in the pediatric brain tumor research arena.  Last week, Dana Farber Cancer and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia announced  joint study that determined an abnormal DNA sequence that drives growth in one type of low grade glioma.  This groundbreaking study was funded, collaboratively, by Thea's Star of Hope, Pediatric Low Grade Glioma Foundation/A Kid's Brain Tumor Cure, Voices Against Cancer, and multiple other private foundations, as cited in the study manuscript.

This finding is so important as it allows clinicians to then treat this tumor more effectively, and reduce treatment related side effects and complications.  Up until now, no specific genetic abnormality had been identified as a “driver” of angiocentric gliomas.  In addition, the collaborative work between Dana Farber and CHOP, highlights the breaking down of "research silos" and a focus on finding cures, not competition. 

We couldn't be more pleased to have had a hand in this important work.  Your support and donations have made our funding of this project possible.  Thank you, and congratulations to to the primary authors: Dr. Adam Resnick, Dr. Keith Ligon, Dr. Rameen Beroukhim, Dr Pratiti Bandopadhayay, Dr Lori Ramkissoon, Dr. Guillaume Bergthold, Payal Jain and the entire research team. The complete manuscript of this study can be found here.

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